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One of the local radio personalities seems to have it out against Paris Hilton. So, when the news of her getting out of prison early for her dui charges came out, she seemed to be very upset. The only thing that angers me about Paris Hilton is the fact that she's even in the news. I see no point in hating her for her debouched lifestyle, since I know plenty of girls who would do the exact same thing if they had the funds. In all truth, the only reason why people hate this stupid woman is because she is a rich, lazy whore who faces no financial consequences to her actions. If Paris Hilton was not here, there would be some other lazy, stupid whore to take her place, believe me, our country is filled with them.
So, everyone looked at this incident as a chance for the rich girl to be brought down. Truth be told, I think that most people get out of jail/prison early for a dui, but it's unacceptable in the public eye because Paris Hilton being such an unlikable person. I think what bothers me the most is not that Paris Hilton is such a debouched whore, but the inhuman qualities it brings out of our public subconsciousness. Humans in general, love to look at someone who seems to be in a better situation than themselves, and pick at their bones. That's most people cope with their present situation. It's so much easier for us to just point our fingers at someone else who seems to be given something unjustly as opposed to looking at ourselves for a way to get what we want. So, she was born in a position where she doesn't have to work a day in her whole life, who gives a damn? How does getting mad at her good fortune and bad attitude help us where we are now? Oh, that's right, just because we just feel better about where we are now, that doesn't mean that we're going anywhere...

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Spiderman review

I saw Spiderman 3 the other day, and I highly recommend it. I thought that it was very good, probably the best of the three so far, granted that I really like them all. The movie, plot-wise, was very fast, and the acting was very good. And now, I'm going to talk more or less about themes within the movie, so those who hate spoilers, please do not read. I'd also love to hear opinions from those of you guys who did see the movie.


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sometimes dreams are worse then reality...

I had a nightmare the night before.
My brother and I were walking on the university campus and we needed to be somewhere. Noah was rushing me and I was starting to be angry at him. Well, we got out of the building that we were in, and while walking around, we ran into our grandmother. She had a cat, and she was trying to get it to go to the vet because it was sick. I went over to help her while my brother stopped and watched from a distance.
I tried to get it to go into my arms, and it mewed. Nana then yelled at me to not touch it. The cat then rolled over to its right side and just rubbed off its fur. It then walked past us and rubbed the rest of its fur off in the grass. After the cat rubbed off it's grayish fur, it was blood-red colored. I guess it was bloody, but no blood came off?
Well, after that, it's eyes turned bright yellow and it snarled and attacked me. I don't know when, but somewhere during the dream, the cat became some demonic mix between a cat and dog. I don't know how, but it bit my hands together with my palms together. I tried to get away, but couldn't. When I started to fight back, Nana yelled at me that I should not hurt the dog. My brother just watched from a distance.
I woke up with chills down my spine and felt the pain in my hands from where the dog/cat had bitten me. And then I cried for a few minutes. I was so scared.

Oh, and on another note, Tiffy, for some odd reason, your journal will not allow for me to comment.
Well, my parents are going to get me a drawing tablet soon, so I'm pretty excited. I think that I would be able to color my drawings better with a tablet as opposed to the ball mouse that I've got. Since it's close to the summer, I decided to write out a list of personal goals for the summer.

Summer Goals:
1. Learn XML coding
2. Learn Javascript
3. Draw stuff
4. Make some layouts
5. Make better icons

As for anything beyond that, I'm not sure what I should say...


Well, I'm actually back to live from the dead...as a zombie. I believe I'm supposed to mumble something about brains right now, but I've never really watched those monster movies, so I'm not for certain...
Any who, uh, I guess I'll update more in-dept later.
The tv is on strike again. What a surprise. I really don't understand why we pay more money for a service that is less reliable than cable. But then again, my parents were never bound by logic before, so I don't see why now would be different.
I want to hear these two songs on the radio, but as usual, the same old crap keeps on coming. If I were to wait another three weeks, the radio will begin to play those songs nonstop to turn me against them. Haha.
I kinda want to return to coloring manga and working on layouts, but a current sense of "OMG, WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH?!" is playing though my mind and preventing my hand from action. Maybe sometime, I'll be able to just work, without stopping myself five minutes into it to throw it away into the "lost cause" pile within the recess of my mind. Or maybe I'll continue rambling to myself, and such ramblings will further prevent any sort of action from occurring...

Jun. 11th, 2006

I filled up another photo album with pictures from the last three days of school, and the graduation ceremony. I've got another 88 pictures of Noah acting weird, after graduation pictures, and project graduation. I have to buy another photo album, and write up captions so I don't forget what all happened.
And now, I will share my words of wisdom/things in life that bothers me. (NOTE: I wrote this without anyone in mind. However, if you believe that I was thinking of you when I wrote this, I have screened this entry so you may voice your concerns.)

  1. If there is something wrong with everyone around you (IE, everyone's stupid, dramatic, lazy) than odds are there is something wrong with you.

  2. Don't complain about hypocritical people; it is very hard to be completely consistent.

  3. Don't insist that someone treat you a certain way if you're not willing to offer them the same treatment.

  4. Complaining about someone's flaws does not automatically make you immune from expressing them. (IE, complaining about stupidity does not prevent you from being stupid.)

  5. Absence of knowledge does not mean absence of substance. (IE, just because someone doesn't flaunt their accomplishments or bitch about their workload does not mean that it's not there.)

  6. Never say anything about someone that you wouldn't want repeated to their face.

  7. Complaining about everything does not make you "mature" or a better person that those you complain about. In fact, constant complaining makes you one big brat/baby.

Jun. 10th, 2006

Well, I've started to download Bleach. Slow to the game, I know, but I did start reading it at about the same time as you guys did. Well, I've finally understood where bloodred-conflict came from, Tiffy. And there is a fanlisting with the same name right here.
I went to this lock in at the school last night. It was really fun. I brought my friend Susan as my guest. They had all kinds of blowup games. I boxed against Alysha and beat her in 1 minute and 10 seconds. I wanted to box against Elizabeth, but the chance never came. Fallon beat the living daylights out of me in Sumo wrestling. They had these huge sumo costumes. I could not move in them. Susan watched happily behind me and took pictures of my while I was falling down. XD
I ate two scoops of cotton candy, two cotton candies, brownies and cookies. They had so much food...like everywhere. Hot dogs, sandwiches, brownies, cotton candy, pizza, ice cream, unlimited soda, water, cookies, and barbecue. I would have eaten more if I was not so worried about losing what I ate in all the games...especially the mechanical bull ride. My first time was like 39 seconds, but I don't think they counted it because they had to stop the ride in order to take off my glasses. Second time was 22.69 seconds. Elizabeth, Autumn, and Susan took pictures as I was being thrown. Some friends I've got, eh?
Oh, there was a costume contest. You had to dress up as something related to New Orleans, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, St. Louis, or some beach city. I dressed up as a tourist from New York. I had one of those I <3 New York T-shirts, my green and blue plaid pjs, a fanny pack with a binocular pouch attached, my lime green hoody tied around my waist, and the binoculars and camera around my head. I also had a New York Giants baseball cap and my mom's MASSIVE sunglasses. I wore some white socks with sandals too. I had my camera bag and another tropical bag with me. I was so surprised when I won the contest. My friend Chip had the Ghostbusters costume. I could have sworn that I would have gotten second, or third.
They had a women-less beauty pageant. Six boys....in dresses...with fake boobs. I think the worst part was Mandez's talent competition. He danced...with a belly shirt and mini Cheerleader shorts on...while shaking his chest, butt and pelvic area like a stripper/cheerleader/female in some rap video. And then there was the head Quarterback on the football team who lip synched to "Man, I feel like a Woman" while wearing a short little red dress...that had a tendency to creep up his leg...with a hole the size of a quarter in the back. He went over to his friends, and they were acting...odd. What was odd was that three of those six boys could have really passed for girls...in a normal environment. One of the boys came out with a guitar and played a funny reddition of James Blunt's "Your Beautiful." When he sang...he sounded like a female. It was fabulous.
Well, they had drawings for prizes through out the night. I got a set of towels (2 bath towels, 3 hand towels, and 2 face towels), a pink alarm clock, and a pink Timex wristwatch. I also got a 512mb flash drive. They also gave me a goody bag filled with enough candy to kill a small elephant. I've got 44 airheads, and enough mentos for a few weeks...Three travel size deodorants, some samples of shampoo and conditioners, and 6 samples for some make-up product. Haha, the odd stuff people put in there. OH, I also got a small hammerhead screwdriver that looks like a pen! I have to wait for a few days in order to collect the cash prizes I got. So far, I'm pretty sure that it'll be at least $50. Pretty sweet, eh?
I was trying to make a good layout for my blog. Well, I made the layout, and I love it, but I am afraid that it would be too small for a livejournal blog. Of course, it's an excellent size for a blog, but in livejournal where one has a friends page, you cannot have a blog that small. So, I am left with two choices:
1. Post the layout on Kisetsu designs when Tiffy and I get it up and running.
2. Start a small fanlisting/shrine for that character just so I may use it.
Well, this character does not have a fanlisting on animefanlisting, so I am going to get it up and going myself. I've written some of the content already. Now all I need to do is learn how to manage enthusiast, the program used to manage fanlistings...and figure out how to make good "fan" banners out of manga scans. *sweatdrop*